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Top 10 Corporate Business Support Service providers in Singapore

Another milestone unlocked! We are honoured to be selected as the top 10 corporate business support service Providers in Singapore for year 2023 by Asia Business Outlook. We thank our clients for the nomination and will continue to serve our stakeholders with the fullest commitment. Echoing our Co-founder and CEO, Ms Nicole Chen, "We pride ourselves in our expertise, and believe in building long-term relationships with all our clients, helping them connect to our ecosystem and facilitating their growth in the region." We look forward to bringing our best-in-class regulatory compliance expertise and family advisory services to enable businesses and families.

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Exploring the CRS Challenges And Future Outlook in Singapore

Our commentary on FATCA and CRS outlook is featured in Singapore Business Review. We opined about the latest and upcoming developments in the regulatory outlook pertaining to FATCA and CRS, the challenges and best practices that fund managers and financial institutions can take reference from to augment their compliance strategy. We also opined about the evolving considerations encompassing the crypto space, which is likely to see new developments driven by OECD to combat the global issue of tax evasion in an increasingly complex international business environment in the digital age.

The ChatGPT Effect

An exclusive interview with Cambridge Advisers, Deloitte and Vickers Venture Partner on the challenges, opportunities and future outlook of the DeepTech startup ecosystem in ASEAN. We spoke about the dynamics between VCs, family offices and startups, and paths to capitalise on the emerging markets of the region, while focusing on core competencies. A multi-faceted sharing by professional service consultant, investor, innovation leader and mentor in the technology space. Beyond the Web 3.0 bandwagon, WealthTech, RegTech and ESG will see the next wave of technological innovations. We should learn to grasp the opportunities while be flexible enough to refine and pivot the models of innovations.

Corporate Governance - The Greatest Challenge for Start-ups

Our commentary on governance challenges for startups is featured in Singapore Business Review. We opined about the how companies with limited resources can better protect their stakeholders' interests through a symbiotic relationship. We also suggest some practical approaches and the benefits they can bring about if the pillars of governance are adopted in a small scale setting. Some of these issues create an opportunity for all start-ups, big or small, to reflect upon their current practices and lessons that can be drawn to level up their risk management capacity while pursuing a high-growth trajectory in unchartered territories.  

MAS expects FIs to fulfil the revised BCM Guidelines and set up audit plan by 6 June 2023, contact us for complimentary consultation.