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Our shared values: Doing what we do at Cambridge Advisers means living by an unique blend of beliefs.

1. Customers first

Ready to go the extra mile. Deliver on what they want, before they even know it.

2. Be great to work with

Some roles come with more responsibility than others, but all roles come with equal respect.

3. Raise the bar together

Learn from the losses. Celebrate the wins. Do it all together.

4. Act like you own the business

Make decisions like you’re running the place, and then make the place even better.

5. Solve problems like an engineer

Encourage different ideas, and welcome challenges to your own. Be data-driven, hence our company name Cambridge Analytics.

6. Champion partnerships

Treat our family office , FMC and Enterprise clients as long term partners. Nurture and treasure relationships.

Financial Advisor

Competitive RemunerationCayman

Payroll Assistant

$1500 - $2300Singapore, Malaysia

Finance Clerk

$2000 - $4000Cayman, Malaysia

Financial Analyst

$2800 - $5000Singapore

Our Recruitment Process

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CV Submission
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Phone Screening
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Skill Assesment
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Final Interview

MAS expects FIs to fulfil the revised BCM Guidelines and set up audit plan by 6 June 2023, contact us for complimentary consultation.