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Superpetual A FinTech Startup

Cambridge Advisers has proven themselves to be a valuable partner. We were able to tap on their deep knowledge of local regulatory requirements and broad network of public and private institutions. They went above and beyond by connecting us to their well-connected ecosystem which helps to shape our commercial model.

Inspro A regulated financial entity

We have worked with many consultants, and Cambridge Advisers stood out above the rest. They display good grasp of the financial regulatory requirements and industry best practices. They know the MAS regulations inside-out and we are confident to work long term with their team of dedicated practitioners.

EAM A multi-family office

Their ability to offer well-rounded advice, along with their expertise in complex accounting, tax, and regulatory compliance, is certainly valuable in this field. Efficiency is always an important factor when it comes to professional services where deadlines and accuracy are critical. Cambridge Advisers is able to offer fast turnaround advice and services.

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