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Singapore Fund Administration Services

Fund Administration Service in Singapore

At Cambridge Advisers, we specialize in providing comprehensive fund administration service tailored for venture capital and private equity funds. Our in-house professionals, with decades of experience in the fund administration service industry, are well-equipped to handle the complexities of fund management. Additionally, they possess in-depth knowledge of the regulations set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), ensuring compliance and efficiency. This helps to boost confidence that you can impress upon your LP investors.

Streamlined Back-Office Solutions

Our suite of services includes a range of back-office solutions designed to streamline your fund’s operations. Additionally, we focus on the timely recording and reporting of all fund activities, thereby ensuring that every transaction is accurately documented and transparent, ensuring accuracy and transparency. Furthermore, our established systems and processes are meticulously crafted, reflecting our commitment to precision and reliability in fund administration.

Lifecycle Support and Regulatory Compliance

Our team provides end-to-end support throughout the fund lifecycle, encompassing all key phases. This includes, firstly, crucial stages such as fund formation, followed by investor onboarding, capital drawdowns, and distribution. Additionally, we focus on detailed fund and investor reporting. Additionally, we specialize in carried interest calculations and, ultimately, the eventual termination of the fund, ensuring a comprehensive service package.

Dedicated Accounting and Regulatory Specialists

We offer cost-competitive outsourced fund accounting and administration services, alongside ongoing regulatory compliance support to meet MAS regulations. Our dedicated accounting and regulatory specialists offer personalized support, ensuring that each client’s unique needs are met. They not only manage administrative tasks but also keep you informed about corporate and regulatory developments, thereby maintaining a high level of operational efficiency, governance and control.

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Fund Formation & Structuring

Preliminary Assessment & Consultation, MAS License (VCFM, LFMC) Application, Establishment of Fund Structure, Review of fund documentations & agreements, Liaison with lawyers and bankers.

Fund Accounting & Reporting

Bookkeeping, accounting and preparation of fund accounts (frequency can be monthly, quarterly or annual); Capital draw down, distribution, waterfall or carried interest calculations; Audit Support; Annual Returns Filing; Tax Reporting.

Fund Secretarial & Compliance

Alongside our financial services, we provide company secretary services and maintain statutory records, ensuring comprehensive administrative support. Submit annual returns, support board meetings and maintain minute books; Ensure compliance with MAS, ACRA and IRAS regulations.

Fund Secretarial & Compliance

Alongside our financial services, we provide company secretary services and maintain statutory records, ensuring comprehensive administrative support. Submit annual returns, support board meetings and maintain minute books; Ensure compliance with MAS, ACRA and IRAS regulations.

Fund Investor Relations

In managing your fund's finances, we prepare and disseminate capital drawdowns and distributions, thus facilitating smooth financial operations. Prepare and distribute capital account statements; Maintain investor registers and liaise with investors on fund queries.

Fund CashFlow Monitoring & Treasury Services

Prepare and disseminate capital drawdowns and distributions, monitor bank accounts, process deployment of investment and fund expenses payment, perform bank reconciliations and related services.

FATCA/CRS Services

Our in-house tax specialists provide the necessary FATCA and CRS classification and reporting services, ensuring full compliance with international standards. Additionally, to facilitate this process, we use our proprietary iCOMPASS software, which enhances accuracy and efficiency. For more detailed information, please refer to the FATCA/CRS Service Tab, where you can find comprehensive insights into our specialized services.

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Led by our partners who were formerly from MAS, in addition to our core services, we offer a comprehensive suite of regulatory compliance services, further enhancing our ability to meet all your fund administration needs.

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Why Outsource Singapore Fund Administration Service

In the dynamic landscape of the financial industry, managing investment funds efficiently is crucial for sustained success. To this end, our comprehensive approach ensures optimal fund performance. Significantly, one strategy that has gained prominence in Singapore is outsourcing fund administration. This approach allows financial institutions and asset managers to focus on their core competencies, thereby enhancing their strategic focus. Meanwhile, the intricate details of fund administration are entrusted to specialized service providers. Consequently, this delegation leads to more efficient fund management.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Fund Administration Service

Expertise and Specialization in Fund Management

Outsourcing fund administration service brings onboard a team of experts, thereby providing access to specialized knowledge and industry experience. Particularly, this team possesses specialized knowledge in regulatory compliance, investment accounting, and investor reporting. Moreover, these professionals, always staying abreast of industry changes, ensure that funds are managed in accordance with the latest regulations and standards. Consequently, this vigilant approach significantly reduces the risk of errors and non-compliance.
Achieving Cost Efficiency Through Outsourcing: Fund Administration Service

Moreover, maintaining an in-house fund administration service team can be a costly affair due to salaries, benefits, and technology infrastructure. Consequently, outsourcing emerges as a cost-effective solution, allowing financial institutions to pay for services only when needed. This cost flexibility is particularly advantageous for smaller firms or those managing a limited number of funds. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to access specialized expertise without the long-term financial commitment. Furthermore, this approach enables firms to scale services up or down based on demand, thereby offering a practical solution for dynamic market conditions. In essence, outsourcing not only reduces overhead costs but also enhances operational efficiency.

Enhancing Focus on Core Competencies : Fund Administration Service

Additionally, by outsourcing fund administration service tasks, financial institutions can redirect internal resources and expertise towards core business activities such as investment strategy, client relations, and business development. This strategic shift not only enhances overall efficiency but also significantly improves effectiveness in achieving organizational goals. Moreover, this reallocation of resources allows for a more focused approach to critical areas. Furthermore, it fosters an environment where innovation and strategic planning can thrive. Subsequently, this leads to a more dynamic and responsive business model. Ultimately, these changes contribute to a stronger and more competitive position in the market.

Scalability: Adapting to Evolving Business Needs : Fund Administration Service

Lastly, outsourcing provides a scalable solution that can adapt to the evolving needs of a financial institution. For instance, whether launching new funds, expanding operations, or even facing a temporary surge in workload, outsourced fund administration service can easily scale up or down. Moreover, this adaptability ensures that businesses remain agile and responsive. Additionally, it allows for a flexible approach to resource allocation, which is particularly beneficial during periods of rapid growth or market volatility.

What Sets Cambridge Advisers Apart From the Rest?

Managing a fund can be challenging and time-consuming, particularly when ensuring full compliance with the rules and regulations of MAS, IRAS, and ACRA, while also satisfying investors. However, with our fund administration service, you don’t need to worry about finding reliable fund administrators. Indeed, our full-fledged team is dedicated to making your obligations a worry-free endeavor. Consequently, this allows you to focus more on strategic decision-making. Moreover, our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of fund management is handled with utmost care. Therefore, you can confidently dedicate your efforts towards growth and investor relations, knowing that the administrative details are expertly managed.

Reliable Fund Administration Services for Your
Peace of Mind

With our expertise and guidance in fund administration services, you’ll always have peace of mind. Moreover, as an efficient and compliant fund management company, you can trust in our ability to handle all aspects of fund administration service seamlessly. Consequently, this ensures a smooth and efficient experience for our clients. Additionally, our dedicated approach guarantees thoroughness in every task. Furthermore, our team’s commitment to excellence ensures that every detail is meticulously managed. Therefore, you can confidently rely on us for comprehensive support, ultimately leading to your financial success and stability.
In summary, when you choose our fund administration service, you benefit from:

  1. Fair and Transparent Pricing:
    Our pricing is fair and transparent, catering specifically to your fund size.

  2. Cost-Effective Solutions:
    Save on hiring foreign fund administration service where you typically pay a premium for their brand. Our services are designed to be cost-effective, thereby ensuring affordability, while simultaneously maintaining a high standard of quality.

  3. Expertise of In-House Specialists:
    Tap into the expertise of our in-house specialists who are Singaporeans and have extensive experience working with MAS. Their local knowledge and expertise are invaluable in navigating the complexities of fund administration.

Let us help support your business so that you can focus on what matters most. Outsource your fund administration service needs to us.

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An efficient Fund Management as your competitive advantage

Outsourcing fund administration service has become a strategic imperative for financial institutions seeking operational excellence and cost efficiency. Consequently, by leveraging the expertise of specialized providers like Cambridge Advisers, organizations can effortlessly navigate the complexities of fund administration. Furthermore, this allows them to concentrate on their core competencies, thereby achieving sustained financial success. Additionally, as the financial landscape evolves, outsourcing remains a crucial, viable solution, enabling these institutions to optimize operations and stay competitive.

At Cambridge Advisers, our team will assist you in onboarding, maintaining, and reporting to investors. Initially, this ensures a transparent and accountable relationship with your stakeholders. Furthermore, we customize and right-size processes, specifically tailoring them to your fund’s size. Consequently, this approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also, ultimately, helps your fund stand out amongst competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fund administration service encompasses a variety of tasks, notably accounting, compliance, and reporting, all crucial for seamless investment fund operations.

Indeed, investment funds require administration services to ensure proper and compliant functioning. Primarily, these services assist with day-to-day operations, notably including financial reporting and regulatory compliance. Consequently, this facilitates fund managers to concentrate solely on critical investment decisions.

"Key components include fund accounting and, additionally, financial reporting. Moreover, regulatory compliance and investor services, such as capital drawdowns, are essential. Furthermore, distributions, communication, and overall operational support are integral."

"Fund accounting, distinctively tailored for investment funds, primarily focuses on tracking investments, investor allocation, and calculating net asset value (NAV), while also ensuring compliance with specialized accounting standards. Conversely, traditional accounting encompasses a broader spectrum of general business financial activities."

"Fund managers enjoy significant cost savings by tapping into the expertise of fund administration specialists and technology. Additionally, outsourcing to an independent fund administrator not only enhances reporting and transparency for investors but also streamlines operations, thereby optimizing overall efficiency."


"Fund administrators, diligently staying abreast of regulatory changes, ensure compliance by implementing essential procedures. Additionally, they collaborate closely with legal and compliance teams, thereby adhering to both local and international regulations governing investment funds."


"Investor servicing, firstly, involves processing subscriptions and redemptions. Additionally, it includes maintaining investor records. Moreover, it encompasses providing regular communications and, importantly, detailed statements to investors."


Fund administrators employ robust cybersecurity measures, notably encryption and secure access controls, to protect sensitive financial data. Additionally, they conduct regular audits and strictly adhere to industry cybersecurity standards, thereby ensuring system integrity.

Yes, fund administrators often play a role in tax-related matters by providing necessary documentation to investors for tax reporting purpose. However, for calculating tax liabilities, preparing tax filings, FATCA and CRS reporting, not all fund administrators provide such services. For Cambridge Advisers, we provide a whole suite of in-house fund admin services including tax reporting, FATCA and CRS consultation, classification and reporting.

Fund administrators significantly contribute to risk management, firstly by implementing controls and procedures to mitigate operational, financial, and regulatory risks. Moreover, this includes regular risk assessments and, furthermore, adherence to best practices in the industry. Importantly, for Cambridge Advisers, as our partners were formerly from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), we uniquely offer perspectives from a regulator's point of view. Consequently, this ensures that your firm is equipped with a robust and complete compliance framework, thereby enhancing overall risk management strategies. Additionally, our proactive approach ensures continuous improvement and, ultimately, peace of mind for our clients.